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WJ Scott Park Field 1 CLOSED

WJ Scott Park Field 2 CLOSED

Griffith University Field CLOSED

Langlands Park

If training has been cancelled due to wet weather the Clubhouse is also closed.


F McCartney* 
N Sheppard 
L Conroy* 
A Garvie* 
N West* 
R Conroy* 
A Duell* 
F Hopp* 
B Smart* 
A Blair* 
G Wadsworth* 
R Smith 
R Poynton* 
S Sully 
A Mason* 
G Beal* 
R Rose* 
K Rogers 
B Besgrove 
G Baynham* 
E Cripps* 
S Neave* 
K Johnson* 
M Ames 
B Bauman 
D Graydon 
R Mahoney 
K Phillips2006
G Payne 
B Torpy 
R   Braun 
G MacDonald2017
D Phillips2018
B Crosby2019
A Neave2020
* Deceased