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WJ Scott Park Field 1 – CLOSED

WJ Scott Park Field 2 – CLOSED

Langlands Park – CLOSED


Junior Teams U6 – U12

Everywhere we go, people want to know,
Who we are and where we come from,
So we tell them, we’re from Easts!!
The mighty, mighty, mighty EASTS!!!


International Teams U13 – U18

Oh, we’re from Tiger land,
A fighting fury, we’re from Tiger land,
In any weather you will see us with a grin,
Risking hair and skin,
When we’re behind, we’ll never mind,
We’ll fight and fight to win.

Oh we’re from Tiger land,
We’ll never weaken ’til the final siren’s gone.
What are we? (Leader only)
We’re big and we’re bold,
We’re black and we’re gold.
And we’re from Tiger land!

Did we win? (Leader only)
We slid it in!

How did we win?  (Leader only)

How do we laugh? (Leader only)